Friday, January 6, 2012

Native IPhone Apps

Cherokee Lite (Oklahoma)

It is the miniature version the paid app Cherokee. It includes a short syllabary with the characters and audio for pronunciation. There are numbers, months, colors, kinship terms, animals, greetings and a message from the teacher. There are five words for each section. If you purchase the full version of the app you will have access to more vocabulary. It's a great start for those deciding to learn Cherokee.

Navajo Toddler

This app is intended for children. It shows the numbers and colors etc, and speaks the words when you tap it. If you are an adult and are introducing yourself to the Dine language, you can read the words underneath the pictures. The app features a learning function and a playing function, which is learning disguised by playing. The playing function show three images and a word is spoken. You are to tap the picture that corresponds to the word. This app is still under development so vocabulary is still developing.

Chickasaw Basic

This app is anything but basic. The lessons are quite extensive. There are 27 sections to learn from. These sections include hymns, videos, and dance songs. This is the way all Native IPhone apps should be. This isn't for children or toddlers. This works best for the teenagers and adults. There are no pictures or game functions but it is quite effective.