Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best Makeup Brands For Native Women

Maybelline- Of all the brands, this was the cheapest and was most frequently on sale. It also has the largest selection of browns of all drugstore brands. 

Revlon- It's not as cheap as Maybelline and on sale for half the frequency. However, it is great for people of mixed race. Revlon seems to capture the in between or unusual shades of brown that other brands cannot. It also seems to have better cooperation for our typically oily skin. 

MAC- There are endless shades of browns. It gives you a flawless, airbrushed, professional finish. However, that perfection can irritate our skin. It is also very expensive. Still, you can't argue with the shades of brown and the finish. 

Bare Minerals- It gives you the same coverage as MAC. It works with your own skin tone to blend in seamlessly. However, it is more expensive than MAC and isn't available in as many colors. There is something to be said about the natural ingredients. 

Best Lipsticks

Maybelline- As women of color, often times our top lip is a different color than our bottom lip. Having true coverage can be frustrating with going with the inexpensive brands. Maybelline's Color Sensational line gives full coverage, moisture, and finding your shade is really easy. This was the best glossy lipstick as it creates it's own natural shine. It is also the least expensive. 

Loreal- Again, this is one of the few drugstore lipsticks that offer full coverage. It's not as inexpensive as Maybelline but it does give a flawless, touch proof, matte finish. Typically, the colors that are meant for us aren't available in a matte finish. With Loreal, we can have that matte look that we crave, especially since we tend to have such oily skin.

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