Monday, November 5, 2012

10 Things Native Americans Want Non-Natives To Know

1. We don't care what tribe your great great grandmother on your father's side is. Just say "hello", tell me your name, and shake my hand.

2. Some of us like wearing our hair short. Stop asking us if we cut our hair because somebody died.

3. Asking to see our tribal ID is like asking to see our drivers license. Unless you're a cop or a clerk accepting my application for something, don't ask to see it.

4. Don't take my picture without asking me first.

5. We come in all the colors of the rainbow.

6. Not all tribes powwow.

7. If I use the term "Indian" to describe my own people, don't proceed to tell me that I am not politically correct.

8. We're not all casino Indians. Some of us are one welfare right alongside you.

9. If we agree to teach you something, bring a gift to the first meet up as gratitude.

10. We're quiet because we're observing.

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